Vinyl Business Cards By Christian Troegele

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Troxxy vinyl business cards.Christian Troegele from Germany presents his unique business cards – made out of original vinyl records!

You produce business cards out of vinyl. What brought you to this great idea?
After a few years in the sales and distribution business I received lots of business cards every day but they almost looked the same. They have all been made out of paper, so I asked myself if there are any alternative materials to make business cards out of different materials?

After that I created the first cards out of steel, leather, wood and gum. You should know that I am a great music fan and vinyl collector. At an evening where I was thinking about new innovative materials for business cards and alongside listened to vinyl records the idea was born. Now I have specialized in creating unique business cards made out of extraordinary materials.

Have others already jumped on this? Any competitors?

It was a long road to create a vinyl business card, so that’s why I applied for the copyright and made a brand out of it called Troxxy™ Vinylz. Troxxy™ Vinylz are original vinyl records assimilated to: Business-, club-, member-, vip- cards, visiting cards, accessory, label, marker, tally, tab, clothing label, newspaper holder, beer coaster, etc . …each one is unique, forgery-proof, barcode and qr-code compatible. And this is only the beginning of Troxxy™ Vinylz.

Vinyl business cards by Christian Troegele.

Isn’t the production of Troxxy™ Vinylz environmentally questionable?
Certainly not. The vinyl records have been produced already and I make something absolutely new out of something which already exists. I am not a vinyl killer I see myself as a vinyl lover who brings vinyl back to the business. You have to be a nerd and vinyl junkie for a very long time to have such an idea to make Troxxy™ Vinylz. I do NOT use any relevant records. But for some records it is more honourable to be used as an exclusively Troxxy™ Vinylz as to decay in a dusty dark stack.

Vinyl business cards by Christian Troegele.Can I print whatever I want on it, even photographs on Troxxy™ Vinylz?

Yes, but you have to know that I print white colour on black vinyl records. So if you would like to have a photograph printed at a Troxxy™ Vinylz the colour white will be silhouetted against the black vinyl.
But I also make creative traditional business cards out of paper and other materials too.

How much does one Troxxy™ Vinylz cost?
That depends of the number of pieces, material, the printed district and the design you would like to have. From a certain amount one card will cost about EUR 1.80 produced as a traditional business card.

These are all ‘Hand Made in Germany’ and each one is unique because of the different vinyl records I use. Especially the Troxxy™ Vinylz are no cheesy giveaways in the traditional way. You give somebody truly respect and appreciation they deserve in a complete new way of using business cards produced by

Who are you clients?

Everybody who will contrast himself from others and will be kept in mind in a very special way. Troxxy™ Vinylz are in particular for clients in the music industry, DJs, nerds and creative minds.

For campaigns in the music or fashion industry this would be a totally new way of marketing! Especially in the music and hip hop industry concerning how hip hop culture was founded. The b-boys in the early 80s used established things like music samples on vinyl records, developed it and made something very new out of it. I did the same the Troxxy™ Vinylz way. Generally speaking my business cards are for everybody who wants to be different and who wants to set oneself apart from others.

Christian Trögele with his vinyl business card.Where can we order your cards, especially the Troxxy™ Vinylz?
You can order via my homepage which will be translated in english soon and I hope to find distribution partners as well to sell my products, because: From a rebel it’s final – on Troxxy™ Vinylz.

You also could find me and my brand at Facebook:
Troxxy™ Vinylz and at Twitter: troxxy_vinylz


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  1. VERY interested in the vinyl business card! Need some pricing please. I understand this is a one color imprint. Do you need to see my logo to determine?
    Carrie A
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