Wasp Macro Shot By Poras Chaudhary

Friday, 2 November 2012

Award-winning photographer Poras Chaudhary made this fantastic photo of a wasp

Macro photography by Poras Chaudhary.

Poras Chaudhary's potter wasp photo

3 thoughts on “Wasp Macro Shot By Poras Chaudhary

  1. All i SEE is God.
    She is the Surround.

    To SEE is to see with ordinary functional senses. — JC

    Any knowledge reaction moves away
    as fast as it appears, taking the misery-self
    with it.

    This is Heaven.
    She is Beautiful.
    You are Beautiful.

    She is not an idea.
    Dont be afraid and You WILL SEE majik.

    This IS the Rapture … the mass Awakening.

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