What We Can Learn From A Dictator

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What is it that you have to share with the rest of us that will make our lives richer, more fulfilling and more enjoyable?

(Laurence G. Boldt)

Cheers und Hello to Everybody

  • How you create your experience in life through reality tunnels, stirred quite a buzz after being recently mentioned in scientist-author Clifford Pickover's blog.
  • Georgette with a polar bear and pinguins in the desert…a pretty funny and extraordinary photo with a beautiful lady!
  • Spectacular and unusual photos and report of India in 2008. Links to this report have been banned on several India forums – the truth can be painful sometimes…!
  • Bruce Bickford's animations are definitively worth a look: Great clay animation!
  • Intuitive consultant Martin Zoller tells us how to deal with loneliness and how to make our dreams come true.
  • Wie unsere träume 'virtuell wahr' und wunderschön gemacht werden können? Mit luzidem träumen!
  • And this is the most beautiful washbasin you have ever seen!

And at the end, I want to confront you with this quote by the world's most known dictator:

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."


(Adolf Hitler)

Just a few words, but definitively a quite shocking and revealing sentence. Therefore I leave you with this:

Always think (and feel) for yourself.
Don't believe anything whatsoever –
find out for yourself, be your own authority!
Pura Vida and keep sending your stories, photos, comments and fun-da-mental feelings!


3 thoughts on “What We Can Learn From A Dictator

  1. Yep,
    Someday in the beautiful here and now, we will meet at the exact same space and time – I am looking forward to it!
    Until then, enjoy yourself!

  2. I love you Fox!!! I love our journey together, and getting to share and love, and learn, and FEEL, all throughout our magical universe!

    someday, fox and georgette will be in the same location at the same time! 😉

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