Yamaha’s concept scooters by Axel Dichamp and Emanuela Giusio

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Emanuela Giusio’s and Axel Dichamp’s concept bikes

Ploof (Axel Dichamp)

‘Ploof’ derives its concept from a comfortable armchair. Axel has designed this scooter thinking of an adult consumer that wants to travel with comfort and protection. The large seat is a real armchair, placed on the scooter body on four legs, so the user drives sitting in a relaxed position. The structure is designed to communicate strength and lightness at the same time: the scooter body is massive, but elegant and graceful.

The upper elements seem to lean on the scooter body, as the general idea is to give the sensation of floating on the asphalt. The steering system is not directly connected to the wheel, so the sensation of comfort is higher. In the rear part of the seat there is a hidden trolley-bag that can be taken off when the scooter is parked. Comfort follows you!

Street-Player (Emanuela Giusio)

Emanuela has designed a scooter for youngster. Her idea derives from the common use of a scooter among young people: gather and have fun. ‘Street-player’ is designed for them: the shape is playful and customizable with different colours. The screen, placed in the front part of the seat shape, is used both for driving information and as a ‘Play Station’ when the scooter is parked.

From the Yamaha website the user can download games, light combinations, music, horn spunds, and upload to the scooter using a USB key, so you can play with your friends, simulating a race on a virtual highway, without risking your life! Under the seat there’s a big bag where the helmet can be stored together with other objects. The seat hides the second passenger place, so fun is easier to share.


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