Zayra Yves’ new Poetry CD: Retrograde Motion

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Retrograde Motion by Zayra YvesUnfinished & Untangled

I want to be unfinished. I like myself this way.

I like the sound of my voice speaking from a lopsided heart

like a mystic song played softly in the early mornings
off the fisherman’s coast

or maybe like some melancholy drama

carving its name into a wall –

whatever it is, this is the moment I want to be.

I want to be ineffable sweetness
untangled and unraveled and written by a poet

smooth as a wish that floats off the page
and kisses you in public (right here in front of everyone)
and crowns you with love and throws flowers at you

I just want to be the old habits that fall away
I want to be like the garments of pain
that have been worn for too long –
they are ragged from wandering in the night
they are torn from ghosts
so they fall away.

They can’t cling to who I am anymore.
After all those years of waiting, after all those tears
after all that judgment, all that criticism,

and all that finger pointing
and the loneliness (god the loneliness)
I just want to be unfinished, untamed and untangled.

I want to sway dance and move through the world
marvelously naked.

(c) Zayra Yves – 2008
Or listen to the MP3 with music and Zayras original voice: Unfinished & Untangled



You arrived in a dream
and left the same way.

Part of me thought it was overblown
how you might just touch me
in one minute to change life as I knew it

and walk like a flower
among the thorns of my discolored heart.

The other part of me knew
it was you

would always be you

to rise like a sweet fragrance
in the strangely lonesome field

I call "myself"
and populate it with your love.

Just when I start to think it is dead
all dried up and gone

with the memories uprooted
and nothing to show for it

except a few seeds…

suddenly the selfless joy of our embrace
opens like a rose in sunlight.

Once again

I am surrounded by our flowers

in full bloom.

(c) Zayra Yves – 2007

And as a bonus, listen to ‘Houdini’s Handcuffs’. It has never been published before as an audio. The style of this great poem is somewhat difficult to describe, but let’s say it’s ‘spiritual erotic fetish poetry’… Enjoy!
Houdini’s Handcuffs is proud to publish more of Zayra Yves’ amazing poetry and introduce her latest CD. Retrograde Motion is even more diverse and expanded than her first two CD’s. It shows the level of paradox that emerges from growth. Buy your copy of Retrograde Motion via Zayra’s website, or order it directly here: – zayra yves

Zayra Yves from San Francisco, California, is an exceptional poet with a great variety of themes. Her deep insights into the dualistic nature of life merges with the erotic reunion of the male and female energies into a spiritual, archaic and mystical image of existence. Her poems are inspiring and uplifting…tender and soft…simply breathtaking! They can take us to that place that longs for love’s magical touch, that place we tend to forget about in the midst of all of life’s clangings and demands… Explore more of her work on her site:

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