Listen to your heart

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Listen to your heart.

Listen to your heart

Can you see in my eyes
That I was keeping my feelings inside
Should I be telling everybody
I don’t know what to do
Are there the signs to recognise
Or has someone been telling me lies
I should never let a rumour
Change my point of view
It’s just that I’m afraid
That I could be falling in love too soon
Just listen to your heart
That’s what they say
Listen to your heart
You’ll be okay
Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart
Somewhere there’s a truth
You can’t deny
That life is too short for goodbye
If I always let my heart
Control what’s in my mind
It’s just that I’m afraid
Maybe one day of breaking this heart of mine

(Unknown poet)

Thanks Dierki for sending in this very creative painting! Say hello to your friend who created it.

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