Foldable design chair ‘One Shot.MGX’ by Patrick Jouin

Thursday, 24 July 2008

French-born designer Patrick Jouin created this fabulous foldable design chair called ‘One Shot.MGX’.

Foldable chair. Faltbarer design stuhl. By Patrick Jouin @


Patrick Jouin's "One Shot.MGX" foldable design chair.Jouin created this chair with a technique called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). The chair is made out of polyamide (nylon). The Materialise Group with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium is best known for its activities in the field of rapid industrial and medical prototyping. Through its unique .MGX division for design products, Materialise is currently opening the market for customized Rapid Manufacturing.

In 2004, Materialise.MGX started a project with Patrick Jouin, who had discovered the Rapid Prototyping techniques Selective Laser Sintering and Stereolithography, as they were developed and used by Materialise.

The organic, even psychedelic but still very elegant look makes this chair an instant winner! – one shot mgx foldable chair

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